How you can Embrace the Waste and save the world, one hot drink at a time

Person holding a cup of hot chocolate

The average Brit will make themselves 4 hot drinks per day, usually 2 coffees and 2 teas.

Whilst the humble cuppa tea might seem rather innocuous, the way that we go about making the tea can have a large impact on the planet.

We've all done it, the thing that wastes time, energy, and at least £68 million per year. We've all.... OVERFILLED THE KETTLE!

But why is overfilling the kettle that bad?

Well, boiling the kettle contributes close to 40% of the overall cooking electricity demand in the UK, meaning that we need to generate more electricity to cope with the burden of overfilled kettles.

Despite the UK making good progress in reducing it's reliance on carbon, such as having the largest wind farm in the world and going 2 months without generating energy from burning coal, the UK is still a fossil fuel-based nation.

As such, every time that you overfill the kettle, you are taking away from the finite resources our earth has.

Lucky for you, we have a simple trick that you can use whilst making your daily cup of tea or coffee that ensures you will never overfill the kettle again.

When making your cup of tea, fill up your mug with water from the tap (fill it with slightly more water than you'd typically have in your drink) and then pour that into the kettle. SIMPLE!

Now you can always fill the kettle up with the perfect amount of water for you cup of tea or coffee!

Find out more about how to choose a sustainable kettle here.

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